Well, the day has come!

Yesterday was our first day open at our brand new Fenwick café location, and I thought i'd reflect on it here!

     Nov 29th, 2023 is day one on Foss rd, our second home. This project never seemed like it was on our horizon until we were standing right in front of it. Before we knew it, our new roasting HQ turned into a bright, micro Black Sheep. Prior to yesterday we'd spent 45 fridays selling bread and coffee to this beautiful rural location to locals from our roasting space. We were immediately greeted and welcomed by "Fenwickians" and we felt an overwhelming sense of homeyness.

     With one full day in the bag, I feel an abundant gratitude for all of you. When we opened our Welland shop in 2015 I never would have pictured this in my future, let alone only 8 years later. Welland provided me with many opportunities, from community events, friendships, city council, podcasting, and meeting Katie my now wife and mother of my child. 

     I can't wait to see what this location presents to us!