Chemex Recipe (The Way We Brew It #1)

Chemex Recipe

The time has come! Here is a quick an easy way to make a Chemex for 2-3 people, the same we do in the shop!

What you'll need:

  • 48 grams medium ground coffee

  • 800 grams filtered water

  • Kettle

  • Scale

  • Timer

  • Chemex

  • Chemex Filter

How to brew:

  1. Start by turning on kettle full of filtered water
  2. Put your chemex on the scale
  3. Add filter (3 layers to spout, 1 layer to rear)
  4. Rinse filter with hot water and dispose of water
  5. With chemex on scale, add coffee and tare.
  6. Start timer and pour 100 grams of water on coffee (enough to cover grounds)
  7. Wait 45 seconds- allow coffee to bloom
  8. Pour the remaining water until the 2 minute mark- slow concentric circles from the inside-out, and then outside in.
  9. When you are finished pouring, the remaining coffee should take about 1 min to drip out.
  10. Dispose of filter
  11. Pre-heat mug with hot water
  12. Pour & Enjoy

Things to remember:

  • If this is your first attempt, don't get discouraged if it's not perfect. The more you brew the better it'll get!
  • Good water=Good coffee (& it's easier on your equipment)
  • If you can grind every time you should
  • If you have questions, or need a recommendation for coffee- LET US KNOW